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Our Idea

For many years I have been thinking about allying with people who share similar desires and dreams that I have.

This started with the disappointment of how people in politics, in companies, in society but also in family and friends are taking advantage of power positions without thinking or planning sustainably. The human falls by the wayside.

That's how the idea emerged to form the Honourable Society of the Black Crown. A consideration based on "honourable" to create something that encompasses much more than just an ideology.

People have always tried to summarize their ideas in religions and philosophies. Debating clubs and political parties were founded. Some are transnational, some local. Some have successfully stuck to their ideas, others have not.

The idea of ​​the Black Crown is to set standards for yourself, according to which each member lives and works. Principles to which you voluntarily agree because you agree that they are correct. A guiding principle for a respectable life in which one constantly questions one's own position and the guidelines. A community that tries to find an answer to every question of society, which is considered to be morally and socially acceptable without imposing it on others. Not everything can be reinvented, not everything has to be different. So, one can find the desire to improve oneself constantly already with the Templers or to deduce the goal to tolerate each shading of the life of others with Buddhism. What is important is not the formality but the feeling of having a community that follows the same guiding principles and yet tolerates the variance of the respective members.

I have to admit that the desire to put that feeling into words is difficult. It is the desire for heroes of everyday life, for moral values, for ethics without having to impose oneself to always have the right answer. I want to discuss these things with people to find a way that exists apart from politics, laws, religion or philosophies. A worldview that one strives for.

The idea goes as far as to be supportive as a community, in the community itself as well as in society. How far this commitment can go is open, and that should be questioned again and again. Together in one future, pro-person, pro-equality and pro-tolerance.

In order to provide a few basic considerations, I would like to list a few things.

An approach that is useful for me is offered by one of the most modern companies (even if you are sceptical about the company), but the principle i.m.h.o. is excellent: "Don’t be evil".

But more important to me personally is "to be respectable". For me, this is not an old-fashioned term, we glorify this in today's superheroes on the silver screen. People want idols with noble goals. Why not be this person? We are certainly not flying heroes, but you can make a difference yourself. Honourable means for me: act morally responsible even if no one looks and one remains unrecognized. Sometimes this may be more difficult than you think, and more challenging.

"Don’t harm anyone" is one of the key points that Black Crown should involve me. Everything can be discussed, spoken and considered as long as it does not harm or will not harm anyone.

Another important point is tolerance. I do not mean tolerance in the context of what fits in my life, but a true profound tolerance that goes far beyond your own horizon. I have to tolerate people with different views even if I do not understand the meaning or the philosophy in it.

"Equality" is certainly a term that is often misused in modern times. Members of the Black Crown must accept genuine equality. This is essential for me. There must not be discrimination for any reason.

"Protecting others" is easily said and yet one of the goals that hero potential has. But it is meant only limited. I believe members of Black Crown should protect themselves and others as far as their personal capabilities and abilities stand.

All these things are formulated in general and that is how it should be. My idea is not to set firm rules, but principles that can formulate a guideline for everyone, a base you feel the same, that is a foundation on which to discuss and act. An outlook on life that makes you feel good about yourself.

Where should this lead? I want to surround myself with people who appreciate these things, who appreciate the considerations and principles and enjoy the world and want to think for themselves and set standards ... for themselves.

The symbol of the Black Crown should be a sign of respectability for me. Whoever wears it shows with this sign that he / she is following a moral code with a high standard of values ​​and ideals.

I would like to be able to walk through a world in the distant future and find this sign in the most remote places, which connects me with people, which tells me we have made a difference, we could set a guide again and there are people out there who have the same desires and dreams for society as I have. You can see that in a very romanticized way, I want to be part of a community whose members are heroes of everyday life, accepting the challenges and constantly questioning, changing and discussing oneself, their ideas and ideals, in order to make the world a better place for oneself.

Is this a wild fantasy or a vision? I do not know, but I want to try it. I want to tackle it. I want to change, move and not wait anymore. Step by step I want to go on a journey that never ends, accompanied by people who give meaning to it all.

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